23 Jul 2017

Shorten has nominated the problem will Malcolm come to the party?

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Bill Shorten, said yesterday in his speech to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference in Melbourne. He declared that tackling inequality would become the defining mission of a Shorten Labor government.

“Inequality kills hope,” he said. “Inequality feeds the sense that the deck is stacked against ordinary people, that the fix is in and the deal is done ... it fosters a sense of powerlessness . It drives people away from the political mainstream and down the low road of blaming minorities and promising to turn back the clock.”

He outlines the ways in which he believes inequality establishes unfair roadblocks in the lives of “ordinary Australians”.

It is the sort of inequality that deprives average workers of a decent pay rise and cuts penalty rates for weekend work, while corporate profits and executive salaries go through the roof and company taxes come down.

It is the sort of inequality, he says, that skews opportunity against ordinary Australians in education, health, the housing market — all the hot button policy issues that are igniting political debate.

Can Malcolm drive his coach load of people to address these issues or will he be forced to turn right instead of taking the middle road. If he's forced in the wrong direction polling for his party will be even worse, he will loose the next election by a mile.

20 Jul 2017

Indigenous community of Coen flips the roles in violent colonial times.

Cape York Indigenous community of Coen flips the roles in violent colonial photos
RN By Hannah Reich for Books and Arts

PHOTO: Photographer Greg Semu wanted to flip the narrative of victims and victimisers. (Supplied: Greg Semu)

"It was set up to gather the Indigenous people from out in the bush and chain them up and bring them into Coen ... to get them off the country," says artist and Kaantju traditional owner Naomi Hobson.

The Cape York community of Coen, home to just over 300 people, has a violent past as a mining camp and police base.

But in Semu's images the script has been flipped — often the victims pose as abusers.
And the entire Indigenous community of Coen was involved in the recreations.

Scared to speak
PHOTO: Hobson says her community is now talking more openly about its history. (Supplied: Greg Semu)

Today, eight Indigenous clan groups reside in Coen, living alongside a handful of non-Indigenous families who trace their ancestry back to gold miners.

Hobson, who has been based in the town her entire life, says her community has often been unwilling to talk about its past.

"They come from that history where they couldn't speak about where they came from, they couldn't speak their language ... they were treated like cattle basically.

"Just rounded up from the bush and taken into a reserve that was fenced in."

Though Coen's residents have learned to live together, Hobson believes the project, which is on display at the Cairns Art Gallery, has sparked much-needed conversations about the community's brutal past.

Malcolm's biggest mistake, Potato Head could be his downfall!

This guy can now dig up dirt on anyone!

Duttons fellow MP's should be very wary because, if he wants dirt on you he'll find it, your privacy is in his hands.

Even Malcolm should be wary, Dutton's ambition is to be PM and now he has the means to do whatever it takes.

Don't forget that potatoes live life underground and now this one has the underground operations of our intelligence services in his grasp.

19 Jul 2017

Peter Dutton has the new "Home Affairs Department" or D.U.T.T.O.N.- Department of Unlikely Treatment of Truth Openness and Numbness.

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The new Home Affairs Department(D.U T.T.O.N.) is a "federation of border and security agencies". It will be responsible for:

Unlikely Treatment, Truth, Openness and Numbness in the existing agencies.
Australian Border Force
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)
Office of Transport Authority and Immigration


This has left some ministers with no clothes but their undies.

This will give Dutton access to everything about you, via ASIO, AFP, Border Force, ACIC and AUSTRAC who can monitor your Internet and phones.

Are you comfortable with the 'lovely' Peter Dutton having access to this information. I'm not at all comfortable, he has shown himself to be too secretive, his catch word is "national security",every question to him has been sidestepped.

This is not the sort of guy who should be in charge of this department.
He acts like an 'bad old' style Queensland policeman and he talks at people all the time. I doubt if he can be inclusive and inspire confidence after his past performances. He has to get rid of his bullying image.

18 Jul 2017

Parliamentarians, is this your life?

The environment parliamentarians work in is a pressure cooker, the tone of national affairs is reflexively hostile, trolling and takedowns set the tone of the day, and protagonists are being rewarded for their efficiency at treachery rather than the substance of their contributions.

14 Jul 2017

Federal gov't is sitting on its hands. Australia does not have a national prescription drug monitoring system. Why not!

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Victoria leads the way on real-time monitoring

Australia does not have a national prescription drug monitoring system, why this has not been addressed by federal governments before is beyond me. It would allow doctors and pharmacies to access patient records in real time.

It's too late for Heather'

When Heather Fotiades died, 26 years after a car accident that left her needing multiple surgeries, more than 50 boxes of prescription medication were found in her bedroom. Now, her father wants action to combat the opioid curse.
However, Victoria has committed almost $30 million to the establishment and implementation of such a system.
The Feds should have taken action before, doctors have been asking for action for years. All it takes is the linking of existing systems.

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Shorten has nominated the problem will Malcolm come to the party?

Bill Shorten, said yesterday in his speech to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference in Melbourne. He declared that tackling inequali...