23 Nov 2017

Discipline has left the building and Malcolm Turnbull is in danger of leaving also. Permanently!

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Is this the Cabinet Minister
           that leaked.
Discipline has left the building and Malcolm Turnbull is in danger of leaving too

Mark Kenny

Suddenly the question is everywhere: can Malcolm Turnbull survive? It's arisen before, of course, but was written off as Labor mischief-making, or as political hypersensitivity syndrome, after the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Abbott-Turnbull careen made constant change seem inevitable.

Now, for the first time, the question is real. Again.

Turnbull's cabinet leaks. Ministers position on policy such as a banking royal commission as ciphers in personal power struggles. Back benchers freelance without admonishment on Sky News. Talk of crossing the floor abounds. All of this without the slightest regard for the Prime Minister's prestige.

Discipline has left the building. Turnbull is in danger of leaving too, having never fully been here. The electorate hasn't ever seen the ereal  him since he became the PM.

22 Nov 2017

Outsourcing of Forensic's Science has backfired on UK government. Privatisation is not the answer a market model will never work when it comes to the law and lives,

Disaster when Forensic providers fail to meet competence test, how many more cases are there?

The current government abolished the main forensic provider, the Forensic Science Service, in late 2010, with the intention of creating a market where independent companies competed for business. It ceased to operate in 2012.
Louise Haigh, Labour’s shadow policing minister: “It is clear the chaotic reorganisation of the forensics system, including the closure of the Forensic Science Service, has left providers who were simply not fit for purpose to fill the gap. This has had devastating consequences.”
She said she was concerned that Hurd did not appear to know there had been issues about one of Randox’s predecessor companies from previous years. 
“It is deeply concerning that the Minister would issue a statement that didn’t appear to include the full facts. Those affected and the public at large have a right to know the truth about this scandal.”

21 Nov 2017

Why does the government want to change the rules when these funds leave the others dead in the water.

Why change something when its not broken, because the LNP's buddies, the banks want to destroy not for profit funds.
Not-for-profit superannuation funds have dramatically outperformed for-profit retail funds, taking the first 23 of the top 30 positions over 10 years to September 2017, according to new research from SuperRatings.
Not-for-profit industry funds overall made up 25 of the top 30 performing funds. And details on investment strategies of different fund types provided by SuperRatings helps explain why that is the case.
The top performing fund, REST, returned members 6.1 per cent annually over a decade while the top retail fund, Russell IQ, returned 4.4 per cent.

The tentacles of Global Corporations will become the slave masters whip if the TPP goes through in its present form.

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Based on an article by Pat Ranald, Research Associate, University of Sydney:

The TPP11 retains all provisions on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) from the previous TPP

Despite claimed “safeguards”, ISDS enables all other foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for compensation in international tribunals if they can argue that changes in domestic laws or policies harm their investment.

The cases are tried by tribunals composed of investment lawyers who can continue to represent clients. There is no independent judiciary, and no precedents or appeals to ensure consistency of decisions.

Many of the 817 known cases involve public interest laws.
Swiss Pharmaceutical company Novartis is suing the Colombian government over the plans to reduce prices on a patented treatment for leukaemia.
The US firm Bilcon won its claim against the Canadian government for US$101 million after a provincial government refused to approve a quarry in an ecologically sensitive area.
The French company Veolia is claiming compensation from the Egyptian government for a rise in the minimum wage.

Even if a government wins a case, defending it can take years and cost millions. The US tobacco firm Philip Morris shifted some assets to Hong Kong and used ISDS in an Australia-Hong Kong investment agreement to claim billions in compensation for Australia’s plain packaging law.
It took more than four years and reportedly cost A$50 million in legal fees for the tribunal to decide that Philip Morris was not a Hong Kong company.

ISDS gives additional legal rights to global corporations to sue governments in unfair international tribunals, undermining democratic regulation in the public interest. Trade agreements should not increase corporate power at the expense of communities.

20 Nov 2017

London ignores Ireland and couldn't care less

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Ireland does not exist in the minds of May's parliament.
Conservative Brexiters have shown that they simply could not care less about Ireland. In the referendum campaign, few gave even a passing thought to the impact of a leave vote on the relationship between Northern Ireland.

The rest of the UK and the republic. When the vote went their way – though they lost in Northern Ireland – the Brexiters then gave bland assurances that the decision would make absolutely no difference to the island’s soft border, the legacy of the peace process, or north-south and east-west cooperation.

This was and is nonsense. The Irish government warned immediately that serious difficulties had been created by the vote and by Theresa May’s wish to leave the single market and customs union.

Dublin cannot be faulted for the reasoned and patient way it insisted these issues would have to be solved. In practice, though, none was taken seriously in London.

The peace agreements had been the fruit of long years of cooperative work. But the neighbourly mentality that made them possible has gone missing in London.

No charges makes John Elferink and Territory's law look stupid.

Lack of criminal charges in NT royal commission a vindication, says John Elferink

By Jane Bardon and Dijana Damjanovic

Former Northern Territory corrections minister John Elferink has responded to the findings of the Northern Territory royal commission, saying the lack of recommendations for criminal prosecution is a vindication.

"What they haven't recommended, is a single criminal charge to be lodged against any human being associated with youth detention in the Northern Territory," he told the ABC.

"That is a million miles away from the comparison of Abu Ghraib barbarism and torture of which the NT Government stood accused."

He said, at the time of the Four Corners report into Don Dale, "allegations of torture and barbarism" were put to the NT Government but they had not been backed up by criminal charges.

While no criminal charges were recommended, the royal commission's findings did state the commission had referred "a number" of matters to the Northern Territory Police.

The findings said the referrals included potential criminal conduct by youth justice offers and the abuse of children in out-of-home residential care.

The referrals also included allegations of harassment or threats to witnesses or potential witnesses.

Mr Elferink repeated his accusation the ABC's Four Corners program omitted important information from the report which prompted Malcolm Turnbull to set up the royal commission.

The Pauline Hanson(Donald Trump) style, which she represents, is an aberration and is going to disappear.

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Senator Pauline Hanson’s influence on Australian politics will be short-term, as it was in 1998.

”The Donald Trump style, which she represents, is an aberration and is going to disappear from Australian politics,” “It is just a matter of time.

“A vote for them is really a vote against the lack of leadership and vision from both the other parties, But it is of no value whatsoever, because they are just spoilers.

"They don’t actually make government work better in any way.”

They only appear to be there to garner votes from electors who want a local pot hole fixed or road widened. However once elected these local issues will be shovelled into the nearest bin.

Why, because it is about gaining power, Pauline Hanson is all about power and money. One Nation is all about Pauline the dictator, she doesn't tolerate anyone's opinion but her own.

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Discipline has left the building and Malcolm Turnbull is in danger of leaving also. Permanently!

  Is this the Cabinet Minister            that leaked . Discipline has left the building and Malcolm Turnbull is in danger of leaving to...