24 Jun 2010

Julia Gillard the new Prime Minister

Good morning folks, yes I am predicting a change in the leadership of the ALP, which means we will have our first female Prime Minister.
Political parties always want to stay in power, they will do what it takes to survive.
The reign of Kev has been sweet and then sour of late. He does not seem to have that magical knack of appealing to the average person on the street.
His opposition Tony Abbott even though he is uncouth seems to connect somehow.
Julia on the others hand does connect with people and she has shown herself very capable when acting as PM. Personally I believe this move will not only win the next election, but many more to follow. I am predicting right now that Tony Abbott will be dumped as opposition leader straight after the next election and we will see the return of Malcolm Turnbull....you wait and see!
The Face of Our New 
Prime Minister
Julia Gillard

(by, by Kevin 07 and good luck!!)

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