24 May 2011


We work too hard, say federal politicians

FEDERAL politicians say they are overworked and want to cut the hours they spend at Parliament.
Liberal backbencher and GP Mal Washer said the public "lacks intelligence" if they didn't understand their representatives were more productive when well-rested.

The politicians, who ride in taxpayer-financed cars to board taxpayer-financed flights to get to work, say a tight schedule and winter fog is forcing them to leave their families early and forgo functions in electorates to fly to Canberra on Sunday evenings.
If I was earning what they're earning, I wouldn't be crying," she said.Linda Cresp, 39, of Sydenham, a working mother of three, said MPs needed to get real.
She said "They need to step down to the ground because the higher up these people go, the less they know about what's going on down here with the rest of us."
Mal Washer
My own observations are listed below.
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  1.  As far as parliament is concerned, why don't they do the work they are supposed to do instead of just trying to score points against one another.
  2. They should deal with legislation efficiently and not waste time grandstanding.
  3. We are told about getting an efficiency dividend from workers, well how about the same thing from politicians.

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