20 Nov 2011


 Australia relies on overseas medicos, but does everything to make it hard for them.

SUSAN Douglas' expertise as a doctor and obstetrician is indisputable.

As an assistant professor of family medicine and head of Canada's largest obstetrics department, she had no trouble securing a lecturing job at the ANU's medical school in 2006.

However while she is qualified enough to teach Australia's next generation of doctors, she can't get full registration to practice medicine here herself.

Dr Douglas is one of hundreds of overseas-trained doctors - encouraged by the government to come to Australia to ease critical gaps in the health care system - who are stymied from practising medicine when they arrive.

Psychiatrist Anthony Llewellyn, the medical manager of a regional health district, says the registration maze is ''bordering on what I see as criminal in its inefficiency''. German anaesthetist Ariane Kersting describes it as ''madness''.

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