13 Mar 2013

Public has no entitlement to have any control on The Press!

News Ltd's Kim Williams wants no public overseer.

Mr Williams slammed Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's plan to create a government  appointed bureaucrat, known as the Public Interest Media Advocate, to have oversight of professional media groups and their handling of complaints against the media and press standards.
The public interest would also encompass decisions on takeovers and investment, shock horror, fancy the public having a say.
News Ltd hasn't surprised anyone with their attitude to any sort of public oversight.

I wonder why, after the fiasco in England.

We know why, don't we.

The behaviour of the press in England reinforces the need for some oversight, Australia is not on another planet after all.

Senator Conroy:
The new Public Interest Media Advocate would not get involved in individual complaints against publishers and broadcasters but would seek to ensure the industry "meets the standards that it sets for itself''.

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