15 Aug 2013

US of A no! This is England!!

Eighteen police officers raided an English home believing that a man holding a remote control was actually wielding a firearm.
Keith Abrahams, 44, and his partner, 46-year-old Michelle Malone, are now suing the police department, The Independent reported Wednesday.
The incident took place in June, after Malone called a paramedic because Abrahams was having a panic attack, according to the Metro.

The paramedic mistakenly thought he saw Abrahams with a 10-inch gun, and contacted police after he left the home.
The couple says that a team of 18 West Mercia police officers, 10 of whom were armed, stormed into the house. According to the Metro, Abrahams said had just "dozed off.
"The next thing I know, I'm being ordered out of bed at gunpoint," the website quotes Abrahams as saying.

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