4 Jun 2015

Clergy should stand well away from Pell until commission ends.

Watch out for a fall!
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Bishops and Archbishops are blindly backing their mate,is this a wise move? They risk tarnishing themselves and the church if any mud sticks to Pell.

Australia's most senior Catholic clergy have endorsed George Pell's handling of child sex abuse cases during the middle of a royal commission.
Seven Catholic bishops and archbishops have signed a statement backing Cardinal Pell, saying he was one of the first bishops in the world to set up a response to abuse in the church.
"He is a man of integrity who is committed to the truth and to helping others, particularly those who have been hurt or who are struggling," said the statement, signed by two NSW bishops and five archbishops in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Hobart and Canberra-Goulburn.

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