27 Apr 2016

Malcolm and 1700 words later came the Chief of Navy. His words "there's little left to say"

There's an election coming up, can't you tell?
Based on an article in the Australian
Not only did Malcolm Turnbull speak at length but our defence and industry ministers matched his verbosity. Then, after more than 1700 words from our political leaders, came the turn of Chief of Navy Tim Barrett, who said: “Thanks, Prime Minster, I think there’s little left to say.”

Waiting for Malcolm

With such good news, you would think our pollies would be quick out of the blocks. But the Prime Minister kept the media waiting yesterday, a good half-hour before fronting the cameras.

This is becoming the norm it has happened before (perhaps most memorably his hour-long delay before turning up with Michaelia Cash at a Canberra building site last week).

 “Keeping the nation waiting” is hardly the best election slogan. Turnbull won’t appreciate the comparison but such delays invite the conjecture that he is turning into his predecessor Kevin Rudd .

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