16 Dec 2016

A few tips to relieve the stress of hosting a Christmes lunch

Christmas:- Less Stress and No mess is the name of the game.

My thanks to Denise Cullen's article.

If you're hosting Christmas lunch this year, don't run yourself ragged by tackling a year's worth of cleaning and gardening in one fell swoop.

Invite your guests to regular working bees leading up to the big day or, better still, make their Christmas Day attendance contingent on their participation in said program. (As in, no work equals no lunch. No exceptions.)
It sounds harsh, but this hard-arse position might help wind down your guest list. Hey presto! Less cooking!(The aim, no cooking)

Remaining guests should be encouraged to bring a plate or two. A table groaning under the weight of multiple contributions might distract from the fact that you haven't cooked anything yourself.

Washing up, not a problem, no ones allowed to leave until they've washed everything they've eaten off.

Don't forget to farewell everyone by saying "Let's do it all again next year".

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