25 Jul 2021

Queensland University's vaccine needs more money to complete the job. The government must stump up! Stage three needs support.

Part of artical by Michael Pascoe

The UQ team is continuing to work on developing a COVID vaccine, “Clamp 2.0”, but this time without an HIV fragment or anything else that could trigger a false positive.

The team has some funding left from last year’s grants of $10 million from the Queensland government and $5 million from the Australian government, an ongoing relationship with CEPI, and support from  philanthropic donors, large and small.

What they lack at this stage is the partnership of a global pharmaceutical company with the balance sheet necessary to prove the manufacturability of a vaccine and take it through the extensive and expensive stage-three trials.

2 Jul 2021

Australian PM ignores experts? Gives wrong advice that could sacrifice our youth.

 Who says this? Could this be our PM?

I know that I don’t know, now I know someone who might know. All I know for sure is that I don’t know.

Will the real Scott Morrison please stand up? Not likely!

Morrison has the knack of becoming invisible when trouble strikes.

Trouble in aged care? Wheel out Aged Care Minister, trouble with the vaccine rollout? Send Health Minister. Trouble with the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins? Set up a stack of inquiries.

These tightly controlled strategies pave the way the media portray Morrison in day-to-day news coverage.

Television bulletins need pictures, so the prime minister dresses up as something and gets a run.

Now however his foot has ascended to his mouth big time, he's stepped outside of the experts umbrella and told our youth to get a vaccine that goes against expert advice.

Where will he hide? Or who will he hide behind this time? Will the media be portraying the prime minister in a somewhat different light now.

7 Jun 2021

Australia, China and America. Is this little Aussie not watching where he puts his feet.

 The discussion on China from the Australian government is “frenzied  and “more strategy” and “less politics” is required.

It appears that the strategy at this point in time is let the cats and dogs(The LNP members) say what they want whenever they want, with no overall plan from above.

The effect on our businesses has been terrible. Now we have a big(Dutton) dog the PM can't control, beating the drums of war.

Diplomacy seems to have died about the time our last real Foreign Minister left parliament.

21 May 2021

The Morrison government is missing the boat. Their advertising is targeting the wrong age group

The government advertising campaign should be aimed at the younger age group.

It is important to use those aged in their thirties and under as advocates to encourage older Australians to get vaccinated.  

"Younger people are also the ones who can go to their parents and nudge our parents to go and vaccinate. By urging  parents to have the jab they are in fact making it safer for their children and grand children.

The young make up a large proportion of people who are on social media every day, passing on information to older family friends and relatives

"And so potentially a campaign targeted at Australians in their thirties, people who are younger, may actually have a more positive response more broadly."

17 May 2021

The spin, an extra $18 billion a year for aged care?


This is not the fix the royal commission wanted.

No! Only 3.6 billion per year!

There is no guarantee of mandatory minimum training of workers.

 A refusal to lift wages.

Bolstering a useless  regulator.

Freedom for providers to spend money as they see fit.

2 May 2021

The PM is obviously not talking about his own morality?


PM Morrison said.

"Seeing the inherent dignity of all human beings is the foundation of morality," he said.

"It makes us more capable of love and compassion, of selflessness and forgiveness.

"Because if you see the dignity and worth of another person, another human being, the beating heart in front of you, you're less likely to disrespect them, insult or show contempt or hatred for them, or seek to cancel them, as is becoming the fashion these days."

Refugees have been cancelled haven't they???

23 Apr 2021

Which planet are you on Scott Morrison



"Let me tell you what I have heard. Women are too afraid to call out bad behaviour for fear of losing a job or being intimidated in the workplace .

Women who are afraid to walk to their car from the train, and they carry their keys in their hand like a knife for fear of being attacked.

I have heard that women are overlooked, talked over by men, whether it is in boardrooms, meeting rooms, staff rooms, in media conferences, in cabinets, or anywhere else.

I have heard about being marginalised, women being intimidated, women being belittled, women being diminished, and women being objectified."

What planet has Scott Morrison been living on. "I HAVE JUST HEARD" This is total crap, he knew and he ignored it, like many others. "I KNOW NOTHING" says he.