1 Feb 2023

The NHS is being destroyed by conservative governments and Brexit



Conservatives hidden agenda, privatise health care in the UK.

The UK is still playing catchup, after what critics say is more than a decade of underfunding the NHS.

In 2008 the NHS was at it's best in 30 years. The NHS had enjoyed nearly a decade of hugely increased investment.

 Some even complained about getting doctor appointments too quickly.

The Labour government came in in 1997, they injected considerably more money into the NHS. It enabled the NHS to appoint an adequate number of staff and get on top of our waiting lists. 

The UK has far fewer MRI and CT scanners per person than the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This level of investment did not last. The Conservatives elected in the coalition government in 2010 embarked on a program of austerity. Budgets were cut and staff salaries frozen. Thus ensuing a decade of  gradual “erosion” of the system: “Slow, subtle, but nonetheless happening.”

10 Oct 2022

Disabled and Aged don't mix with Electric scooters


There must be better education around the use of e-scooters and rules for the users. 

There have been concerns raised about the regulating and the policing of electric scooters. It is about how they interact with the public and their use in common areas pedestrians use.

How scooters are used is a safety issue, particularly for disabled people. They cause congestion on the footpaths when they are left, which can be particularly difficult for people with mobility issues.

They are left lying across footpaths and even in underpasses, they are left everywhere!

They are capable of high speed and operate very quietly and users don't use the 'horn/bell' often enough.

There is evidence of a large range of injuries that do occur due to falls or collisions while trying to avoid dumped scooters.

There's not a general awareness by the public of just how serious these injuries can be.

9 Oct 2022

Trickle-down, the only trickle down I know of happens in a toilet!


The super-wealthy don’t create jobs or raise wages.

Jobs are created when average working people earn enough money to buy all the goods and services they produce. That pushes companies to hire more people and pay them higher wages and that in turn makes the super-wealthy more wealthy.

Trickle-down economics is a cruel joke.

The so-called free market has been distorted by huge campaign contributions from the ultra-rich.

Don’t lionize the ultra-rich as superior “self-made” human beings who deserve their billions. Most were lucky or had connections.

In reality, there is no justification for today’s extraordinary concentration of wealth at the very top. It’s distorting our politics, rigging our markets and granting unprecedented power to a handful of people.

4 Aug 2022

The expendables are now 'THE AGED'


Covid has not gone away. Australians are now immune?  No now they are immune to death. Why? Our governments are ignoring the fact that the aged in care are still paying the highest price.

We are now at 10,000 dead in Australia, mainly the aged. The psychic cost governments  of this many of our citizens dying from the pandemic is largely being borne now by their loved ones and those vulnerable to getting the worst of Covid.

The shock (one of the shocks) at the start of the pandemic was that this great trauma would be shared among us equally – death is not equally shared.

21 May 2022

A Politician I will be




I am going to be one

I train a lot, I'm learning to plot

I watch elections, I learn a lot

They tell me to practice

I'm trying to change

I'm learning to speak

Speak and not say a lot

With training I think

I'll fit the bill

Already I practice

 I sound true blue

You'll be astounded

Just what I can do

Smile a lot

It will get me through

That's what I'm told

 It will have to do

I kissed a child the other day

Learned how to say goo, goo

I know how to ignore

Use the truth when it's needed

Make up a story

Make it seem really real

Now I just have to know

How to become a member

I remember these skills

 I've learned them, I'll be right!

I'll have a bright future

And that is for sure

My skill of lying

Will stand me in good stead

It's has done it's job

I'll get ahead

The PM's job sounds

Sounds just right

I'm sure I could do it

I lie real good

Me for PM that's what I say

I'm not going to wait

Not one more day

You can always believe me

I've learned what to say

I'm a born politician

I think you can tell


S. W. T. Read August 2010

This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968,no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Stephen W T Read of 38 Ayers Street Curtin Canberra ACT 2605 Australia

Being Normal




Do you know what its like to be normal

To walk and run and just have fun

To talk and sing or do anything

See the sky, or pictures and other things

Hear the sounds of the morning when it comes

Feel the softness of a woman's touch


These are the things we call normal

Now do you ever think, what is normal?

It's not being different, different at all

That is what normal means


What’s the opposite, what does it mean

Is it being a cripple unlike you or me

Or unable to see, hear or think like we


Can they enjoy a sunny day like us, yes

And they feel love and kindness

Yes they laugh and cry just like us

All these things they feel, like you and me


And yes that’s normal don’t you agree

Now you know, they’re just  like you and me

So when you see someone less fortunate we

Remember how normal we all can be


Stephen. W.T  Read (2010) ©