30 Mar 2010

Hi there I suffered a stroke nearly 2 years ago and compared to where I was then. I couldn't walk,talk or move my hand, in fact my right side was pretty useless.
I have made giant leaps in regaining some use of my right side in intervening time. I neglected to mention that I am right handed which made things quite difficult, mind you it was great fun at the time.
The whole thing was a terrific learning experience, I believe I am now a better person even though my body has some shortcomings. We take most of what we have for granted, however when we are looking up from a wheel chair, or asking someone to speak on our behalf we are truly humbled.
These things give us an understanding of people with all types of disabilities.
It is with this in mind that I was inspired to write a series of poems which I will publish here beginning "Stroke of Luck" .

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