30 Mar 2010


I had a stroke
Oh no, it wasn't a stroke of luck
It was a nasty little bugger, it really changed my life
I didn't give permission, didn't ask it to come aboard
Like a lightning bolt it came, it froze me to the spot
My voice it sort of left, along with walking and waving my hand
It was the strangest feeling, as if I was no longer there
My life came back slowly
I knew I had lots of work to do
For sure just to survive was going to be quite a chore
Soon I started on training my arm leg and voice
To learn to talk again, move a finger and move my leg a little bit
It was so exciting and such a thrill to see small movements
I knew for sure that they'd grow
To share the excitement with others was so rewarding
Such a great thing
Then strange as it seems
I began to feel to feel lucky in a funny sort of way
This unwanted visitor that had struck a hard blow
Well, I know it made me grow
Now I'm a better person I do believe
As time has past and things improved
I've learned to walk, wave and talk
Above all now, I know a lot
About good people and how to laugh a lot
I cannot say I enjoyed it all
But to walk, shake a hand and say hello
These things I now cherish and will every day
I'll never forget my carer and remember every day
An arm to cling to, tears to wipe away
Just to hope and just to wait
The carer walked alongside all the way
They did the hard yards, always showed the way

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

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