22 Apr 2010

whats life like "WHAT IS AHEAD OF US"


Why would I rather write on paper without lines
Perhaps because life has no lines
Is it that life has no lines
Is it really life, the way we have to have it

Do we follow lines, do we mime
Does life dictate the tune not you or I
We say dont worry, no need to mind
Yet we have to worry and need to mind

Is it something wrong that we think this way
Do we forget our feelings and they go away
No they will be back to call another day
We have to have them and accept them all

Life is good with all these things
We cant dodge them and never will
Ours alone they’ll always be
They make us what we’ll always be

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

PAST PRIME MINISTERS and sometimes they agree

Although these two boys never got on in their play group they appear to have grown up a little.
The both agree we do not need the States, while also saying we'll never get rid of them.
I think that one day we will see the light and move to a more regional system of government that is closer to the people.
I believe these two old boys will be cheering us on when we do, as Hawky said the only use they have  is, so we can have The State of Origin and the Sheffield Shield.

21 Apr 2010



There's a time of year that does us proud
And in this town its lovely and mild
The sun shines brightly in the sky
Then frosts arrive in early morn
Air becomes crisp and you feel it inside
Leaves begin falling, like a carpet that grows
The colours are changing with a reddish glows
Days begin to shorten, though the sky is clear
Fresh is the air, its great just to breath there
Though frosts come in the morning, the day doesn't spoil
The skies are so bright it makes one smile
What a wonderful time it truly is
Just don't you dare stay inside
We know what's coming and really fast
Soon the days will begin to seem really dark
That's when we'll remember the loveliest time
Because we remember Autumn as a special place
The summer with its savage heat
Winter when we need socks on our feet
These thing help us to remember a special time
We call it autumn and we can wait
It will come again and it will be great

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

Another of Anne's great photos features kangaroos in front of an autumnal sunset. (Anne Rosenzweig)

20 Apr 2010


I can't believe it, the states have agreed the new funding deal.
The devil could be in the details which will be released this afternoon at a press conference.
Stay tuned for an update

Australia and its health reform "No Health Yet"they can't agree

The meeting of all state premiers and chief ministers to agree to Health Reform is bogged down.
With the federal Gov't offering to take over control of funding for hospitals' provided they can make accountabiliy the catch cry,ou would think the states would be falling over themselves to agree.
We are "THE CLEVER COUNTRY" I can't see any sign of it at the moment.

Apparently the reason the leaders don't want to loose control of 30% GST(vat) which they have to contribute.
 It is because while they control it, they can move it around within their budget to fill gaps. In other words they are continually robbing Peter to pay Paul. The money solves internal accounting problems, if it can't be paid back into health in the current fiscal year then the funds are moved into the next years budget.
Eventually it is paid back (some times anyway) this way it is not obvious that it was ever moved.
How the hospital costs are accountable is any ones guess.
Lets hope common sense prevails............

Yarrawonga "Something Different"

We are having a short break of a week
Staying in Yarrawonga just on the border of New South Wales and Victoria it is situated alongside Lake Malwala.
The area is very popular for water sports and has a large proportion of retirees.
It will be interesting to check out the area.
Our Special Friends the Rankins who are accompanying us, are shouting us to the whole trip.They have even thought about my special requirements, because I am still a bit handicapped.

16 Apr 2010

Ban on the Elderly to stop them enquiring about Euthanasia

Stephen Conroy the minister for Comunications as well as many other things is going to block all sites dealing with Euthanasia with the filtering system designed to stop children from entering unsafe sites.
So now older people are being treated like children. He must believe that older people all have demensia, or does he think its father knows best. Why are we not allowed to view such matterial, if we are allowed to vote so why are not allowed to see something. We are not going to drop of that easy.
                  Phillip Nitchki this is a banned face

15 Apr 2010


Dedicated to all the nurses on Ward 12B at the Canberra Hospital in 2008 which was the year of my stroke.

Aye that’s her
She’s a nurse don’t you know
She’s kind of special
Kind of nice
There in the morning
And again at night
That smiling face
It will make things right
Your body aches, just to get out of bed
Then that reassuring voice
You’ll get there all right!!
Your  in the shower learning to wash
Feeling embarrassed
And  feeling your lost
The voice says don’t worry
This is nothing new
We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again
It made me feel normal
Made my face crack a smile
Even though its twisted
And has been for a while
The open caring face lets the sun shine in
Makes the day start of with sort of a grin
Yes nurses are special
Because in a way
They make the days seem shorter
In the nicest way
Hospitals aren’t the places that you want to be
But without special nurses
Where would we be

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

© 2009

14 Apr 2010

Lovable that's what they are


What is a lovable person
Are they like a left handed screw driver, rather rare
Or striped paint, a bit unusual but pretty nice
Are they hard to find, its hard to say 
I know one, I didn‘t even have to look
Are these people just average
That‘s what I thought !
Then I look around and what do I see!
Their kind are special that‘s for sure
They seem to feel
If things aren‘t right
Now that’s not common
 I ‘m sure you’ll agree
Well what’s so special
That‘s hard to say
They make us feel special
And they let us know
Now I’ve been lucky
And that’s for sure
I know a person who’s just like that
Now I don’t know
If she’s special or not
But I know ,I know her
And it’s really good
She is special, that I know
She just isn’t like the rest
She shows her heart to everyone
She cares and I’m sure you’ll agree
It really matters to you and me
To see these feelings
When we’re in need
We’re lucky people yes indeed
To know there’s people just like that
It makes me grateful and that’s a fact

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009


I think I'm improving, say yes if you agre.

12 Apr 2010

There are good and bad people, I like the good the best


There’s people you meet
That you’ve never known
A warmth that they have
It’s open and kind
Your just sort of excepted
Whatever you are
It‘s not on their mind
They are just good people
As we’d all like to be
We all have problems
And I’m sure you’ll agree
Some can’t walk, some can’t see
However I’m I thinking
Whatever we see
It’s good to know people
That are good to me
They make the day smile
In a simple of way
All I can say in my kind of way
Nice people are special
In their own special way

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

11 Apr 2010



We call them mothers, don’t you know
We all have them, of course we do
They are always there, always around
They hear us make our very first sound
And you wouldn’t guess what it would be
Oh yes it’s a cry, that’s what it would be
Then along comes the nappies
And the bottoms to wipe
The noses that run, the cough in the night
Then short trousers come along
And he gets into fights
He stays out later than he should
The trousers get longer, cause his legs do to
He soon starts to look down on her
Now he’s growing quite tall
Well things start to change in funny sort of ways
The young boy has gone, he’ll not be there again
He’s growing up and now he’s a man
All these things happen
But there’s one thing I know
Mum will be mother, she’s special to me
I don’t remember the nappies
The cries in the night
But I know there was always mum there to make it alright
Now time always marches on
There's one thing we all agree
Mums are there forever I think you’ll all agree
Whether hear or in heaven, there they’ll always be

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

10 Apr 2010



My name is Stephen Read I am just an average guy who suffered a severe stroke which left me with an almost entirely useless right side of my body, this included my speech.

Now you would think that this was not something positive, however in a strange way many of the things that I experienced showed me a world that was truly amazing.

The affect of such disabilities and the way in which we face them is quite an eye opener and many of us unfortunately will have the experience.

I am writing this to try and allow carers and love ones an insight into the feelings they will have while trying to cope.

In my case I awoke with no ability to speak and the slow realisation that my body was half paralysed.

I was more worried that I could not talk at first, more than the other problems. Why I was so worried about speech I don’t know, maybe it's because we all have a picture of someone who can’t communicate as being the typical handicapped person.

The person who is talked to instead  is more often than not the carer, for two simple reasons speech impediment for one and being in a wheelchair the other, below eye level. We have been conditioned by society to think that way.

The speech problem and the chair puts the patient at an eye level lower than normal people, the carer is the first point of eye contact. The more often this happens the more it becomes normal for the carer to talk on the patients behalf.

Because the carer is trying so hard on their behalf to interpret, the patient becomes the third person and the conversation bypasses them.

Since I have had this experience I have vowed to never again treat anybody in this way, it is frighteningly easy to slip into this habit. Particularly loved ones, who are trying their best to help, not realizing the feeling of helplessness it causes.

The result of this is increased aggression from the patient, because the few things in the early stages of recovery that they can control are important to them, they need to see or hear any small improvements that occur.

No one's at fault, for both carer and patient are trying very hard, one with all the love and all the patients they can muster in their new role, the other when their life has been overturned by this trauma.

From the cares point of view it is extremely frustrating and often causes anger because they are trying so hard .The one they love seems at times to be ungrateful and unable to grasp the sacrifices they are making on their behalf.

Lucky for me I soon partially recovered my voice, though I am not always capable of clear speech. For a short while we lived in a trying situation where we both had to learn new rules.

My loving wife who became used to doing my speaking, now had to make allowance for a person trying to learn to speak and her wanting to converse on my behalf.

I know that on many occasions I shouted while trying to get into a conversation, this caused many awkward moments and quite a few arguments. I was not aware I caused the argument, it was probably because of frustration.

How my wife lived through that period without doing me bodily harm I don’t know.

My time spent in the hospital wards allowed me to understand how quickly we can adjust to routine and how close we come to both the nurses, doctors and other patients.

Almost all the patients were in different stages of recovery and they had different ways of accepting the situation.

I became quite aware that there was little or no support for carers at this time, they were just caught up in this extremely stressful situation.

It was obvious that because of the intense care needed for patients, the carers were not in the equation. I hope that this is remedied in future.

The experiences in the more normal ward and the gym were very positive and carers were encouraged to watch. I can honestly say that I enjoyed all of it and the physiotherapists and other therapists were all so positive.

They made us feel that even the smallest movement of a limb or slight change in voice was a major accomplishment.

I began to feel a little more normal and I started to get to know who amongst the patients were having the worst time.

I set about making them laugh or exaggerating small improvements I saw in there condition or in my own.

The act of doing such things gave me a great feeling. I learned from this experience that my life was going to be positive, that things were never really that bad.


This is short poem about losing love and not knowing how to love again, until a woman showed me that I could love again.
A love lost is not love always lost


She was just another woman
Just another woman I said!
She ain't special, she's a woman
I can't love her, there is no way
I've been hurt and it won't go away
My life I'm sure has ended
The joy has gone away
Then this woman, just a woman
Showed me how to feel again
Now I'm safe,safe to love again

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

9 Apr 2010

The Face of Don't worry

Posted by PicasaAs you can see I still smile a lot. Why because its free,no tax on it yet?


To touch the things you care for
See the things you love
To touch the one you love
Feel a clear blue sky
To touch the softest skin
See a starlit sky
To feel a babies softness
See a baby smile
To smell the touch of a woman
See a light in a lovers eye
To reach for that special feeling
See our love every morning
To reach is to try for that feeling
So it's never to late to try

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009