20 Apr 2010

Australia and its health reform "No Health Yet"they can't agree

The meeting of all state premiers and chief ministers to agree to Health Reform is bogged down.
With the federal Gov't offering to take over control of funding for hospitals' provided they can make accountabiliy the catch cry,ou would think the states would be falling over themselves to agree.
We are "THE CLEVER COUNTRY" I can't see any sign of it at the moment.

Apparently the reason the leaders don't want to loose control of 30% GST(vat) which they have to contribute.
 It is because while they control it, they can move it around within their budget to fill gaps. In other words they are continually robbing Peter to pay Paul. The money solves internal accounting problems, if it can't be paid back into health in the current fiscal year then the funds are moved into the next years budget.
Eventually it is paid back (some times anyway) this way it is not obvious that it was ever moved.
How the hospital costs are accountable is any ones guess.
Lets hope common sense prevails............

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