21 Apr 2010



There's a time of year that does us proud
And in this town its lovely and mild
The sun shines brightly in the sky
Then frosts arrive in early morn
Air becomes crisp and you feel it inside
Leaves begin falling, like a carpet that grows
The colours are changing with a reddish glows
Days begin to shorten, though the sky is clear
Fresh is the air, its great just to breath there
Though frosts come in the morning, the day doesn't spoil
The skies are so bright it makes one smile
What a wonderful time it truly is
Just don't you dare stay inside
We know what's coming and really fast
Soon the days will begin to seem really dark
That's when we'll remember the loveliest time
Because we remember Autumn as a special place
The summer with its savage heat
Winter when we need socks on our feet
These thing help us to remember a special time
We call it autumn and we can wait
It will come again and it will be great

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

Another of Anne's great photos features kangaroos in front of an autumnal sunset. (Anne Rosenzweig)

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