11 Apr 2010



We call them mothers, don’t you know
We all have them, of course we do
They are always there, always around
They hear us make our very first sound
And you wouldn’t guess what it would be
Oh yes it’s a cry, that’s what it would be
Then along comes the nappies
And the bottoms to wipe
The noses that run, the cough in the night
Then short trousers come along
And he gets into fights
He stays out later than he should
The trousers get longer, cause his legs do to
He soon starts to look down on her
Now he’s growing quite tall
Well things start to change in funny sort of ways
The young boy has gone, he’ll not be there again
He’s growing up and now he’s a man
All these things happen
But there’s one thing I know
Mum will be mother, she’s special to me
I don’t remember the nappies
The cries in the night
But I know there was always mum there to make it alright
Now time always marches on
There's one thing we all agree
Mums are there forever I think you’ll all agree
Whether hear or in heaven, there they’ll always be

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

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