14 Apr 2010

Lovable that's what they are


What is a lovable person
Are they like a left handed screw driver, rather rare
Or striped paint, a bit unusual but pretty nice
Are they hard to find, its hard to say 
I know one, I didn‘t even have to look
Are these people just average
That‘s what I thought !
Then I look around and what do I see!
Their kind are special that‘s for sure
They seem to feel
If things aren‘t right
Now that’s not common
 I ‘m sure you’ll agree
Well what’s so special
That‘s hard to say
They make us feel special
And they let us know
Now I’ve been lucky
And that’s for sure
I know a person who’s just like that
Now I don’t know
If she’s special or not
But I know ,I know her
And it’s really good
She is special, that I know
She just isn’t like the rest
She shows her heart to everyone
She cares and I’m sure you’ll agree
It really matters to you and me
To see these feelings
When we’re in need
We’re lucky people yes indeed
To know there’s people just like that
It makes me grateful and that’s a fact

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

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