14 May 2010

Abbott's budget reply "A Non Reply"

There was a non event last night. I'm not sure how to describe it, there was only one obvious line and that was that the Liberals are right in the pocket of the mining companies.
Mr Abbott mentioned the miners in almost every sentence, it's as if he was their spokesman. Not a servant of the people who could gain from the tax.
Slashing the public service is hardly a tough decision, and as for the costing of the couple of things he mentioned, he doesn't know how much they'll cost.
He has shown that the Liberals cannot change.
While in Gov't what did they do, well I can tell you they did nothing except the GST in 13 years.
The public hospitals and the public education system were all allowed to run down in favour of the private systems.
His speech last night was no change from the past, sell of Medibank, throw away broadband(we can't have competion), leave the hospitals as they are and bring back work choices(no choice for workers).
Not one new idea in the whole speech
Come on Tony I thought you could be different.
How wrong I was
Your just an old time Liberal
Living in the past

Do you think I came on a bit strong, does the disappointment show??
Sir Robert Menzies founder of the party
He did show imagination
What would he think of last night
Tut Tut a waste of time
Monday, May 10, 2010 <em>Illustration: Ron Tandberg</em>
By Ron Tanberg

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