14 May 2010

Cameron can SPIN

Cameron said in Feb that he is a confirmed "localist" who would end "demoralisation and democratic disengagement" and" local democracy would be unleashed with an army of 5,000 community organisers".
This was taken from an article by Simon Jenkins(Guardian) 10 th May.
As I mentioned in an earlier article, there is a thing called spin. After reading the article above which uses such common words as "confirmed localist", "demoralisation and democratic disengagement","an army of 5,00 community organisers"
I am surprised that such a journalist would ever use them in serious article, of course he could have a interpreter with great skill.
The fact that he can write an article based on the above phrases is quite commendable. The skill of course is that he makes it all seem real, which is very clever.
Is the spin so good that it fooled him or has he mixed with the spinners to much.
Of course there's always the chance that Cameron BEING A POLITICIAN really meant it?
What the hell does it mean anyway!! 

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