26 May 2010

Can you believe they are Australians!!!!

I am confused about the Liberal opposition in Australia, are they pro Mossad, pro international Mining companies or anti Australian intelligence organisations.
They could of course be none of the above, they may only be anti treasury, anti the taxation office or anti any organisation that disagrees with them.
The problem I have is this, if they are pro the above organisations and against all government agencies, who is it they stand for??
People somewhere are supposed to be their constituents. Who can they be?
In the last few months they have supported everyone but the people of Australia
No wonder Malcolm Frazer(former prime minister) has resigned from the Liberal party recently, he is no doubt as confused as I about who they support, because it is not this country that's for sure.

Malcolm Fraser in Conversation with Margaret Simons
Who do they represent these days

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