18 May 2010

A CARERS LOT(The ones that keep giving)

The carers of people are special, they didn't have any choice.
These people don't choose their lot any more than the people they care for choose theirs.
They deserve some sort of recognition of the contribution they make to many lives, With this in mind I tried to pen a poem. I hope this shows them how much we care fore them.


Now people live and people die
And there's people that live between
No there not all dying that's for sure
For the ill there's always hope
And some get well and then there are the ones
Who care for us who are also in between
Carers they're the ones, its just what they do
They are there when their needed
And indeed they're needed every day
Many times there taken for granted
Often no one says thanks that day
And the next day they are there again
Because they really care
About the ones they love, the ones who need the care
Strangers or friends it doesn't matter
They are there, the ones that really matter
They think people deserve and so they care
Now I'd like to tell you, I really do care
About the ones who always care
We the ones that have problems
Are not always able to say
Just how much we value the carers ways
Your are always there, nearly every day
We can cause you such problems, heartache and pain
Don't forget it can be our fault, don't try take the blame
And when your feeling just kind of down
Remember that love is there all around
And we hope you'll always be around, with time to give us
It's such a gift, it gives us life, gives us a lift  
And the hope you give our troubled souls
Will never be forgotten, oh, no, no

S W T Read 2010

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