7 May 2010


A short poem about really flat country town and a river that brings life to everything in the area.
The mighty river Murray that straddles the border of Victoria and New South Wales and feeds Australia through a massive irrigation system 3,641 square miles in area.
To give you some idea of the size, Lancashire in England which is one of the largest counties it is 1,173 square miles in area.

The place was what I'd call flat
Like a lizard drinking you might say
The sky well it's big, very big
A hill wouldn't fit it'd make the sky small
The land's just flat and that's that
Now you'd think it was boring
No not on your life
The horizons so big it widens your sky
Dawn in the morning is quite a great sight
As evening is falling the sky's a delight
It lasts forever cause there are no hills
There aren't any mountains that stop the sun
Then there is the river, rolling along
Like a kindly big brother it helps us belong
The water it gives us and makes our day
We'll always remember to care each day
For that mighty river that gives us life
That's why our town belongs right here
Next to the shore that water gently laps
We'll stay right here and that is that

S W T Read 2010

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