19 May 2010

Cowardice or "COMMON SENSE" on climate change

Australian government's Cowardice on the ecology, this is a headline recently describing their so called back down on carbon tax.
The newspapers name is not relevant because other papers followed suit.
The government had to change tack after the last conference on setting carbon levels collapsed, because   surely Australia should not be expected to go it alone, with no agreement internationally.
Surely it is better to lead by working behind the scenes, to ensure some sort of global agreement is reached before we stick our necks out. We are not one of the big players in this game, we must nudge the big players to come along.
At least the government is thinking of the future for our children.
Certain papers have a very one sided view on the governments action on this matter.
They are the ones who never mention the fact that the Liberal party not only opposes the tax, but does not believe there is such a thing as climate change.
As a responsible newspaper shouldn't they be asking the Liberals why they don't have a policy, or why they don't show a bipartisan approach.
So it's fine to attack the government for trying and failing until the next meeting on climate change.

Never ever to attack a party does nothing and shows a Neanderthal approach to any mention of climate change, they could be related to a long legged bird of some sort that likes sand.

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