12 May 2010

Elections(UK) and a Budget(OZ)

The excitement is overwhelming of course but I couldn't help remembering a time when truth was the overriding theme of old time politics, whereas these days we can't tell were the truth starts and stops.
When we look at Budget speeches, we need experts to explain it and every expert takes a different line.               There so much spin to hide any hard parts that we could spin the planet off it's axis.
Elections, now this is the gold of the spinners by the time the parties have spun there speeches we aren't sure who really said what.
The amount of spin perpetually thrown at us could explain the beginnings of the universe, the amount of unknown  matter generated makes black holes in the universe look positively small.
This prompted me to write a few lines.


There are things that we all call for
They  don't seem much to ask
For politicians to be honest
Now don't you make me laugh
For rumour has it, that this was really true
In times that are long past
There were such honourable pollies, you never had to ask
They believed the good that they could do
That is if they just stuck to the truth, you see
Lies you knew, they would never be
They thought that honesty was quite the thing
There wasn't such a thing as clever spin
Then it came, it was quite a thing
It wasn't a sin to use this thing called spin
Special people were then called in
They were called specialist of spin
Now things have changed over the years
You never see pollies shed a tear
They only have to know a very few lines
Cause the rest is spin, but never mind
With minders all stood in a line
There's no need now to ever lie
Now they can look you right in the eye
And tell you nothing in such a way
That when you leave, well what did they say?
Just in case it ever happens once more
Feel quite honoured and don't be bored
The truth can be tiresome or so they say
They can't think themselves the pollies say
It's better to spin, let's spin away
Well I'm a voter who always cares
And truth is worth looking for
Never be scared
If they feed us on spin remember it well
On voting day don't come under there spell
Now this is just a thought for the day
Don't let them take the truth away

S W T Read 2010

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