4 May 2010

Free Spirits, free to be happy, free to be glad.

Now I know a free spirit, I didn't have to search for it. It came to me, it was there waiting to be seen.
We all like free spirits, they are what we wish to be, they just have a certain way of smiling, seeing things we cannot see.
Such a spirit lives next door, how lucky I can be.
Do you have one nearby.
I think you'd better see, cause you wouldn't want to miss one that is close for you to see.


There’s a free spirit and it lives next door
It’s different, not like the rest
It’s very friendly, and I don‘t think it’s shy
When it’s happy you know it
Cause you get big a smile
Then it always says hi!! In a special kinda way
It brightens the day just for being there
It’s a caring spirit, you can always tell
Trying to help others in its own way
It wouldn’t think its special
But I think it'd like to know
There’s people next door who think it is just so
There are people in this world
We just think it’s nice to know
This spirit is sort of special
 And we’re very proud to say
We know this special spirit
 In a special sort of way

Stephen W  .  T  . Read  2009

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