4 May 2010

I was tall then short and then tall again (sometimes short in a wheel chair)

Interesting things happen. While I was confined to a wheel chair I found that people didn't look down very often.
When people are assisted by someone it's as if they are no longer are real people. People assume that the carer can speak on their behalf.
I myself have done the same thing in the past, before my problems visited me. I feel very embarrassed when I admit it, but I truly believe that it is quite common.
Its as if they don't look normal, so they can't be normal.
The trap is there and we often fall into it, because we don't know.
This poem is dedicated to all those who have problems that we don't seem to see.


When I was tall the world wasnt  small  at all

People looked me in the eye and thats all

Then it happened, I suddenly was rather short

Had to learn how to live without being tall, thats all

My leg it just wouldnt do what it used to do

Now I have wheels to move around and thats Ok

Now there is a tiny problem thats  got to me, hey

People cant see me when Im being pushed

 Though everyone can when Im all alone

With my helper close at hand

They only see the eyes above and don't look down

My eyes are lower but never mind. the helper can talk dont look down

I can talk too if Im on my own and I am me, when they can see

Please remember when looking around, people are down there closer to the ground

These people are looking, yes looking up there right at you 

© 2009

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