15 May 2010

Jitters about the Euro probably UNJUSTIFIED

With all the talk of Australia's economy being in trouble by the Liberals, you would think that we could be confused with Greece or Portugal.
Australia is in a great position compared to about anywhere in the world, why in heavens name do they try to tell us the total opposite.
This policy of fear is ridiculous  
Should we really worry about European economy, I don't think so, it seems as though even though the stock markets are wary. Business in Europe is looking pretty good.
The bid to protect the euro with a massive rescue fund seemed to be faltering. The euro is was still losing value as investors worried about the consequences of tough austerity measures, but for manufacturing things are looking up.
The benefits of a low Euro are shot in the arm for European companies.
And the hope that a strong recovery in the global economy could influence the market assessment of the euro zone is justified."

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