9 May 2010


My first shopping day was yesterday, why was it my first, well it was because I walked.
I walked like I used to before my stoke. Circumstances caused it to happen, forced me to try something that I didn't think I was ready for.
It was like the world changed in front of my eyes, suddenly everything was at eye level again as it was before, as I remembered it.
I was almost overcome by the emotion of feeling normal once more it was as if the other physical problems vanished, because I felt NORMAL!!
This prompted me to write a short poem about the experience.


Wow I went shopping today
I did it in a different way
No I didn't do it by mail
Electronically or in another way
No, it was different, in a different way
I tried to walk part of the way
Instead of in my wheelchair, my usual way
It happened by chance, my tyre was flat
It forced me to walk, more than I could
A lot more than I should I'd like you to know
It was pretty tiering at first, so I thought
Could I really do it or might I give up
Well believe it or not I found I was alright
The shelves in the shop I looked down on once more
Just like I did when I walked, like before
And the people who greeted me were all very shocked
To learn I was taller than anyone thought
They were all so used to seeing me in my plight
No one realised, one day I might be alright
So this day I went shopping and made everything right
Made me feel normal, the first time for a while
Shopping is fun or really a chore
This day it was both and I'd like more
I'll remember this day because I had to walk
Now I stand up and say, look I'm walking, move out of the way

S W T Read 2010

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