6 May 2010

A new Day

Just a few thoughts on a new day and how lucky we are to be here to see it. With that in mind I have penned  a poem for the occasion. We are the ones allowed to see a new dawn just because we are still here, shouldn't we celebrate?
Why not share a glass of wine with me today.Cheers to a new day!!!!


There it is, its coming
Coming slowly with the dawn
Often starts with a yawn
Its there at night waiting
Waiting for the time
We look forward to it
Count the hours while we are waiting
Will it arrive with the light
Is it as good as the last one
Will it be kind to us
Do we want to know
When we wait through the night
Do we take it for granted
Expect it to be there
Value it being there, belonging to us
Yes its a new day, you probably guessed
So lets not waste it, make it our day
Remember them because there special you see
They are there just for you and for me
Every one that is coming
Must be treated as a gift
Especially sent here, just for us

S W T Read 2010

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