20 May 2010

A New direction for Labour? or the ConLibDemocrats?in the UK

Labours loss at the recent election doesn't seem to have enlightened the apparent front runners.
They have lost the connection with the people that they once had, is the current cry.
Could it be anything to do with the war in Iraq that the people never wanted, is this the one, that saw the largest marches in England for years.
Could it be the bombings in London, caused by their involvement in that war, was that something to do with it?
Could it be because England is now the most watched society on the planet because they over reacted to the threat.
Could it be terrorism, of course that was as exacerbated by engagement in the same war.
The UK became nothing more than a malleable tool to the USA, to be used in any way they liked.
Lost a connection with the people! What an understatement!!

Lets us hope that the new government does not go down the same path. Let's see the British Bulldog once again, the Bulldog that has a mind of its own..

I did notice that the new foreign minister went to the US before the joint manifesto has been released...mmmmmm!??

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