20 May 2010


While sitting hear thinking the other day I thought of the time I spent on the other side. The side of the others who's life I shared, they were the people who couldn't talk, walk or smile, shake a hand or just say high!
I realised then how different we were, because we showed signs that put us aside.
Then it suddenly hit me, made me wander why, because we weren't different, it was all in the eye.
The eyes people use to look at the world are the ones with a problem, they just don't see inside these people to know they are just like them.
We all have feelings don't you see, open your eyes then you'll see.


Do you know what its like to be normal
To walk and run and just have fun
To talk and sing. or do anything
See the sky, or pictures and things
Hear the sounds of the morning come
Feel the softness of a woman's touch
These are the things called normal, did you know
Now do you ever think, what normal is not
It's not being different, very different at all
They feel the light that comes from the sky
The touch of love is also theirs, to grow to feel
It's all their own, like yours or mine, its normal, you know
They hear, feel it, or see it grow, not so different, oh no
Now you know, there just like you and me
When you see someone less fortunate than we
Remember how normal we really are, if we just care to see

Stephen. W.T  Read (2010)

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