16 May 2010

Politician could they be "THE MISSING LINK"

Do you see any similarity

                               Showing happiness                                                       


Now I don't know if you have noticed that whenever our political leaders have a press conference
they stand in front of a group of their political colleagues and as they make every political point
the group nods in unison or makes guttural sounds of agreement.
I have been studying this phenomenon for some years and it is obvious that there is a reversion to earlier
type being exhibited.
These types became very aggressive and have been known to expose their body parts in a very rude manner.

Let us hope that these humans do not progress any further down the path of their ancestors.
This group behaviour at press conferences does not bode well for these political types
The scientists believe that it's a missing link between now and the past.
You could say they are a throw back.
The group behaviour in parliament confirms this theory.

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