17 May 2010


Now when I was 66years of age I didn't think I'd ever be around for my next birthday, or for that matter any other celebration, survival was all I could think of at the time.

Yesterday I celebrated an anniversary, yes it was pretty special, why because it's the second anniversary of me having a stroke.
I'm still hear and still alive and it sure feels good, just to be here at all.

My Second Birthday

I had my second birthday it was yesterday
It's the second time I was given life
So that's the reason I feel so good
My days were numbered once, for sure
Now I value every day I'm here
It's people, who give me every day
The sunlight that brings the gift of light
Then there's the smell, of fresh cut grass
Sounds of birds or a lilting song
Makes me want live, accept it as a gift
Children well the  play and laugh a lot
They just don't really have to think a lot
They don't know just, what it is that they have
As the time that is granted passes by
We slowly begin learn to value the sky
So always remember that every day
Is ours to play with and care for dearly
So do take in your own sort of way
It's just an anniversary or so they say
Well I know different, it's a special day

S W T Read 2010

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