31 May 2010

Someone has a sense of humor

The Tony Abbott's immigration solution as depicted by the Australians Peter Nicholson
 Tony Abbott return of Pacific solution
Tony's problem is to convince his own troops

RULES for the Kevin Rudd Drinking Game :
To be done during Question Time while attempting to see how many Rudd cliche's you can coherently put in one sentence (try this one it’s kinda fun… think of it as a game of political Sudoku)Sip if the PM says “out of the woods”, “tough times”, or “not stand/sit idly by”.
Half swig for “decisive action”, “working families” or “magic/silver bullet”.
One full swig for “course of action” (CAUTION: any more than that and you’ll be drunk before the Bronwyn Bishop gets in her first point of order)
Two swigs for grandiose phrases “Whatever action is necessary”, “When it comes to” or its brother “Can I just say”.
And finish your drink if the PM says “programmatic specificity”… 
However, knowing Kevin Rudd this “course of action” is somewhat unlikely.courtesy of "Punch"

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