5 May 2010

Tony Abbott wants the Budget figures before it is released

There appears to be an infectious memory loss among politicians once again. The opposition obviously can't remember that when in power they believed the figures supplied to them were their own, not the peoples but theirs, they owned them.
Now that they are in opposition they can't stand to be treated in like manner.
They have to learn that as an opposition they have to have new ideas to put forward to make them seem to be a credible. Constantly opposing policies without showing that they have ideas of there own begins to make them look like spoilers.
One good poll result means nothing if they can't offer alternatives.
They have to learn a new game, the born to rule theory of the old Liberals does not work any more.
People realise that Labour was probably the the right choice for the financial crisis, however that is fading into the distance.
Both parties now have a new ball game but it appears that only one team is playing the new game so far. The other is still knocking every thing in sight, instead of knocking on the door with new policies.

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