13 May 2010

Tony Abbott's Budget of FEAR

Velly Interesting it will be, to guess just what the thrust could be, do you think the miners would agree that removing a tax will give them cause to smile with glee.
Then of course they'll have tax cuts for the biggest of businesses, but oh don't fret he'll tell us that the sky's about to fall so every one must take a fall.
China he tells us in on it's knees so don't dare count on trade, just because fifteen thousand new cars arrive on their streets every day doesn't mean they will want iron ore. Of course the miners will all be bust because they won't by it here.
Speaking of miners who we're informed have spent 30bn over the last 20 or so years in developing mines, don't dare tell us just how much they have made from this country over the same period.
I can assure you it is a staggering amount. Who owns most of the mining companies, not us that's for sure.
While in power the Libs presided over a mining boom, they told us that they created it almost personally, well if they created the last one why can't the current gov't claim the same.
No I'm afraid there really isn't going to be anything new tonight, he will roll out the usual scare campaign just like the children overboard debacle.
This time it's China's immanent collapse and the demise of the mining industry because of the new tax, an  untrustworthy treasury(who they used to say were never wrong).
Guess what the punch line will be, cuts to services, the return of work choices, raising selected taxes to pay for the deficit.
Why because you can't trust the treasury, even though it is being headed by their own person of choice, the same person they heaped praise on when in power.
The use of fear as a weapon by the Liberals is not only distasteful it is dangerous, trying to create the impression that our economy is in bad shape is nothing but a lie.

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