7 May 2010

The UK Elections, not so HO!! HUMM!!

Which of two of these faces seem compatible for a long lasting marriage of togetherness which is needed for the good of the children(read voters).
One party has announced that they will start to fix the fiscal problem by cutting the inheritance on the wealthy as the first step??, and cutting services as the second step.
Another party has said that as the best money manages during the worst economic crisis it should be allowed to continue.
The third party wants to step back, take a fresh look at the way government is carried out and change the way the country votes so everyone is represented more fairly(preferential)
The prospect of having a marriage without bickering over all these things is daunting, will either of the two major parties change the voting system to appease the Lib Dem's. I think not, it would remove their dominance of politics in the UK.
The name of the game is power and neither of these parties will give it up regardless of the peoples wishes.
A coalition in the UK would renew the peoples faith in democracy because it means that compromise between ideas is possible.
No party has the right to power, only the people have the right to bestow it upon them and the sooner political machines understand just how disillusioned there behaviour has made voters the better.
The preferential voting system would help matters but it should be combined with compulsory voting because it makes voters think more seriously about a votes significance.


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