19 May 2010

WHEN AN ANSWER IS NO ANSWER(shadow treasurer)

Joe Hockey the alternative(umm, umm) treasurer.

A shadow treasurer indeed appeared at the press club, it was nothing short of pathetic!!
The journalists were frustrated beyond belief, why were they there? There was nothing of substance in his speech and no information supplied.
It was obvious that Joe was not sure what information was available.
All he could say about the costings was that his colleague would supply the details. After several tries(the first being a couple of pages) they eventually surfaced.
Therefore no one could question him about it, this is the alternative government?
Come on, one day we are told not to trust what we say and then, we then have the alternate treasurer unable to supply any costings for an alternate budget.
This is the tight disciplined team we want to lead Australia, I don't think so guys.
Sorry guys you don't cut the mustard for me....

Pinnacles photo
The stone like images of a less than active opposition

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