27 Jun 2010

Australian Newspaper does it again

Complaints roll in over BER scheme

MORE than 100 NSW public school communities filed complaints with the taskforce looking into the $16.2 billion schools stimulus program.

No mention that this woman was a Liberal supporter in the article.
The paper has again quoted a Liberal supporter Ms Cheryl McBride as a person with an unbiased opinion totally disregarding the fact that she campaigned for the Liberal party in the NT elections
Her description of over runs on the cost of the building work being carried in NSW schools is greatly exaggerated, if she was truly honest she would also praise the federal government for the funds provided.
As chairperson of the NSW principles forum she should not be distorting the benefits but describing the number of new buildings and classrooms built.
Her comments are being made because there is an election in the air.
She should not be chairperson of this forum.

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