18 Jun 2010

BHP and Rio puts Liberia forward as alternative to Australia

The risks previously listed by BHP associated with doing business in Liberia included civil wars, poor infrastructure, corruption, political risk, security of tenure.
The so called facts about this venture have now been edited out and now make no mention of any of the true facts as detailed by them in there previous statement to shareholders.
To believe that this is a true alternative investment proposition is unbelievable, come on we are not totally stupid, we can read.
Who do think you are, telling us that Australia is no better than a country like Liberia.
That is a country that's only claim to fame is corruption and extortion schemes.

The only people who have anything in common with Liberia are the mining magnates who are quite willing to peddle their propaganda to the people of Australia to further their own ends, this is something that the Liberian government is also good at, no wonder they want to move there.

In Canberra, the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has used his weekly ''economic note'' to revive the government's claim that the industry has been ''short-changing'' the public.

He said that using the recent coal price increases under the Queensland royalty system, only $6.20 a tonne of a $62-a-tonne increase in prices had gone to the state, with miners pocketing $55.80 a tonne extra.

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