13 Jun 2010

Building regulations a JOKE no control on insulation in Australia

The building regulators in the states should be sacked, if any real ones are employed by the states at all. It seems that the top firms in Australia that fit insulation never have been properly policed in any state.
The fact that the federal government was unaware of this is no surprise, who in their right mind would have believed the state of this industry.
The opposition might find it a great piece of ammunition, however they must be thinking how lucky it was not them that assumed, as most Australians that this was a safe industry.
We now know that they were totally unregulated and have probably been doing shoddy or unsafe work for years.
How many houses have been fitted with unfit insulation over the years by unscrupulous insulation firms who have been carrying out this type of work for years.
This is not a problem created by Peter Garret only, it is a problem that has surfaced in the industry that has been going on for years.

Audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers

THE top 100 businesses that received about $360 million from the government's insulation program had among the highest incidence of safety breaches, damning new figures reveal.
The data, released under freedom of information laws to the Australia Institute, shows more than 70 per cent of the top firms, which insulated more than 270,000 homes, had fire safety problems.Only 2 per cent were fully compliant with safety and quality standards. The figures were gathered in an audit of 12,913 homes by consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers, and given to the government in February.
The audit, which has not been released until now, caused an immediate halt to the $2.45 billion program. It revealed about 7 per cent of installations, or about 70,000 homes, were a fire risk. So far, 158 fire incidents have been linked to the program. A further 16 per cent of homes were found to have quality problems, such as gaps in the insulation.

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