25 Jun 2010

The Consistent record of the Liberal Party in Australia

The recent remarks by Tony Abbott do not reflect the recent history of Liberal Party, of course if they change leaders its OK, when other parties do it they are evil!!!
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Recent history of the Liberal Party.
Nelson replaces Howard 2007
16 September 2008 Nelson removed Replaced by Turnbull
23 November 2008 Andrews challenges and loses
1 December 2009 Hockey challenges
Abbott challenges and win leadership 2009.
Deputy Leadership was won by Julie Bishop once again having already served under Nelson,Turnbull and Abbott

After the Howard government's defeat by the Australian Labor Party in the 2007 election
Turnbull, Brendan Nelson and Tony Abbott announced they would each contest the Liberal Party leadership. Nelson defeated Turnbull in a ballot after Abbott withdrew his candidacy. Turnbull became the Shadow Treasurer on Nelson's front bench.
Nelson's leadership of the Liberal Party was beset by poor opinion poll numbers. There was speculation Turnbull would challenge Nelson for the leadership in late 2008.
Nelson caught Turnbull by surprise by calling a snap spill of the party's leadership positions while Turnbull was returning from an overseas holiday.
The spill was moved on 16 September 2008.
Turnbull defeated Nelson by four votes, becoming the leader of the Liberal Party.
Nelson later resigned from the House of Representatives.
Turnbull attacked Abbott's change of mind, stating: "Tony has expressed a number 

of views, each of which is at odds with the view he expressed before.

Abbott defeated Turnbull by one vote (42–41). Fran Bailey, a supporter of Turnbull, was absent for the vote, and there was one vote of "no", which was recorded as informal.
Abbott confirmed his opposition to the ETS legislation.

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