6 Jun 2010

The Cry of a Woman

A short poem that came upon me this morning so I had to write it down before it left me.
I hope it brings pleasure to some of you.
 A Woman's Cry

A woman's cry is the reason why
We all learned we're allowed to cry
When we are born we hear that tiny sound
 The cries of joy as they come around
 We'll always remember the quiet sigh
When we babies make our first cry
At such times you must feel gay
 We learn how to feel, feel okay
A loved one's pain is also yours
Children's hurt becomes your cause
A mother gets the pain, they feel the hurt
A friend in trouble, its all the same
You think of others just the same
The sorrow a family feels when they have a loss
You take it on, let them know there not lost
The children become people, grow, and then leave
A tear is shed, because you believe, they can achieve
You feel a little sad, also proud
 You should step forward take bow
The little girl you taught not to cry
Did grow up, you must say goodbye
The boys are different, in little boys ways
You had to teach them, being a man's okay
And it's alright sometimes, to have a good cry
You've showed how to be human, and the reason why
The girls and boys that once were yours
Have made a good start, to soften this world
And the reason for all this, is just because
A women's cry made it all right.

S W T Read 2010

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