7 Jun 2010

Disappearing Camera's,Phones and sound recording devices

There seems to be strange things happening in Israel, all the electronic devices owned by the passengers on the aid ships that approached Gaza have suddenly disappeared.(aliens I suppose)
The pictures and sounds would be most helpful to understand the actions of the commando's, surely if as the Israeli's say, they did everything above board.
Surely they would be searching furiously for video or audio that showed them doing the right thing.
Over six hundred people, most of whom would have taken audio or video. You would think there would be many such video's and audio's.
Unless of course these devices have video or sound that shows Israel in a bad light.

I suspect that this is indeed is what these films and audio recordings would show, otherwise why have we not even seen one piece of video or listened to any of the audio.
Also what of the ships, have they been returned or are they being held so that they may be dismantled to ensure that there is no video or sound recordings, or equipment hidden.

Come on Israel try and be honest you truly stuffed this one up, can't you be big enough to admit it. If you do admit it, don't you think people will think better of you for being honest.
Every country stuffs things up occasionally, everyone knows that.

The one country that never made a mistake was Germany under Hitler, is this who you want to be compared with, considering your history.

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