4 Jun 2010

A Fox in the hen house

Israel is about to conduct an inquiry into its own actions aboard the aid convoy.
This is like allowing the Fox to have a key to the hen house.
 In other words they will be allowed to tell the storey that is most likely to make Israeli's look good.
Of course they will be honest about how it was illegal to board these ships at night on the open sea!!
Come on! and why are the USA and so many of its allies so weak in condemning what happened, do they really think this type of action will help the Israelis cause.
No, it shows the world that they are not interested in peace at all.
This type of action breeds terrorism, it makes the young ripe for extremist propaganda, is this what the world wants.
Send Israel a strong message, let them know that they must change their ways, they are not a law unto themselves they must follow the law that all nations do.
Actions like these, justified because they have a problem in Gaza are completely crazy.
Should every nation behave like this, we would start a another world war in no time.
There overkill on many occasions is right over the top, I for one would be more supportive if they showed some restraint.
They are becoming like a rogue state, and a rogue state with the Atomic bomb no less.
This was never considered a problem, now with this, we do what we like attitude to the world, I am truly worried what will they will do next. They don't give a dam as someone once said.

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