1 Jun 2010

Israely pirates strike peace mission of aid

The Israel's armed forces have carried out a very brave and daring attack on an unarmed convoy of merchant ships. They were repelled by unarmed peace activist carrying placards(described by the attacking commando's as iron bars maybe) that were waved aggressively at them, this was life threatening or so they thought.
So this most respected army opened fire on civilians on a peaceful mission.

The country that was founded by a people that were treated dreadfully has turned into something resembling the people who came up with the final solution.
Denying people the basic commodities, using disproportional force against civilians.
Remember what happened during the second world war when ever a German soldier was killed by partisans they shot 20 or 30 civilians, isn't this similar, they have become clones of their previous captors.

A country I once thought was worth looking up to has destroyed it's credibility.

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