10 Jun 2010

Men Lead, women obey??

Now I am not overly religious but I couldn't let this article slip by.
Not the 1800's, this was June 10 2010
There is a growing backlash against women being treated as equals in churches around Australia, with some women being pressured not to become priests.

THE PROBLEM crept under the radar.
 A veteran Anglican women's activist noticed.It was at last year's Melbourne synod when a minister proposed a motion about the need to attract young men to church.
Someone else moved to add "and young women"—and it was defeated.
Then she began hearing uncomfortable stories about young women being told they were defying God in wanting to become priests.

It was a role reserved for men, that the "headship" teaching (which says women must be subordinate to men).

Women were being discouraged, even intimidated.
She was shocked. For decades Melbourne had been the diocese most supportive of women priests, and the issue seemed long resolved.
But now, in the Anglican Church and in others, it seems to be a divisive issue once again, with a backlash unleashed and gaining ground.
The question is broader than whether women can be priests and exercise leadership over men, though that is usually how it is framed inside the church.
It concerns all the roles women play in the church and in the home, where the once-traditional idea that they should submit to their husbands is gaining fresh traction.
I find it hard to believe in the year 2010 that this is really happening.