15 Jun 2010

Miners predict the need for 500,000 workers for existing projects

The projected need for 500,000 more workers in the mining industry in WA does not point to the destruction of the industry. This number of workers is what miners own figures show.
Again this does not backup their claim that they are planning to move off shore because of the new mining tax.

Ah, Ah, I know why they may need all these workers, they will need them to pack up the rail lines, pack up all the infrastructure put it in cardboard boxes ready for move off shore. Are they clever, not half, to have planned so far ahead is unbelievable!!!!!

Come on pull the other one! This shows just the sort of double talk they are bombarding us with. They are expanding not pulling back.
Unless of course I'm right about movers coming to cart them away in big lorry!

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