7 Jun 2010


The PM is making tactical blunders in prosecuting his fight with the powerful mining sector ahead of the election.
Why aren't the dream team on the hustings selling the the mining tax. This is a tax for the people, for us the people of Australia, we need this tax for our future.
The most disgusting thing I have seen is the opposition supporting the international mining companies against the Australian people.
These mining companies have no allegiance to any country in the world, they will rip of anybody to achieve their aims to maximise profit.

Why are they frightened of this tax, well they can see that other countries are also looking at how they are being ripped of and they like what Australia is trying to do.
The miners are terrified that countries will band together like the miners have done for years.
Should these countries do this the mining companies will no longer dictate how much tax they will pay.
Illustration: Andrew Dyson

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