24 Jun 2010

Resting Workers Unite!!!!!!

It has come to my attention that a large section of the populous are not represented in any way.
Each country has this hard core of loyal citizens who have given their all for the country over many years.
Hard-working families should be looked after we are told.
Well what about us, we work a bit, have a cuppa, work a bit more, have a chat, work a bit more. We feel at a loss and not included in society.

"Work a bit sometimes, its good for you"
 This is the slogan for our new party, with branches being formed all over the world we will soon become a real force.
Of course it will be hard because I'll have to stop for a cuppa, chat a bit, then think a bit before I start.

Teenage Boy Sleeping in a Chair clipartCartoon of a Tired Businessman Sleeping on His Desk clipartCartoon of a Tired Man Snoring in a Chair clipartCartoon of a Tired Office Worker Asleep on Books at His Desk clipartGuy Snoring Under His Desk clipartCartoon of a Man Sleeping with His Feet on His Desk clipart

I think we should call it retirement!!

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